January 2018

Company Spotlight:  North Carolina Railroad       

The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) owns and manages the 317-mile rail corridor that stretches from Charlotte to the Port Terminal in Morehead City. Our rail corridor is a vital route for moving freight and people throughout the eastern United States.

The North Carolina Railroad Company is a private business corporation with one hundred percent of the stock owned by the state of North Carolina. NCRR was chartered in 1849 for the purpose of economic development, and we continue to invest in rail infrastructure and increased freight rail capacity to recruit new and expanding industry to our state.

NCRR leases its tracks to Norfolk Southern Railway, a Class I freight-rail company.  NCRR reinvests its lease and other revenue in the Railroad and in the State of North Carolina, to ensure the state maintains its competitive advantage, resulting in job creation.

NCRR collaborates with local, regional and state government and we partner with the economic development community. Our goal is to ensure North Carolina’s rail infrastructure continues to meet the demands of business and industry looking to expand or locate in our state.  NCRR’s heritage in rooted in economic development and we are committed to investing in opportunities across the state that lead to job growth. We demonstrate this commitment a number of ways:
  • Making investments in economic development projects requiring freight rail infrastructure through our NCRR Invests initiative;
  • Investments in the state’s megasites;
  • Ensuring our 317 miles of track meets current and future freight rail service needs.
Learn more at www.ncrr.com.


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