Wildlife Problems

Wildlife Tips

Wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, birds and even deer can often be a problem in a growing community such as ours. Please remember these few helpful tips:

  • Most wild animals become a nuisance because they are looking for food. Please keep all pet food and garbage secured and you will notice that the problem will go elsewhere.
  • Baby animals such as birds and rabbits often find their way out of the nest. Keep your pets away from them and they should be fine. The best advice is to let them be.
  • Most types of wildlife, including snakes, do their best to leave humans alone. Pay them the same respect, and you will not jeopardize your or their safety.
  • Do not attempt to capture wild animals, particularly aggressive ones! Call either Craven County Animal Protective Services (APS) at 252-639-4256 or the North Carolina Wildlife Commission at 1-800-662-7137. Craven County APS may only remove wildlife that is showing obvious signs of rabies or has exposed or potentially exposed humans, pets, or livestock to the rabies virus. Nuisance wildlife or wildlife that is destroying property may only be removed by a Wildlife Resources Commission Depredation Agent. Contact the Wildlife Resources Commission for a list of local Depredation Agents.
  • We can also put you in contact with licensed wildlife rehabilitators.