Permit Applications

Application Purpose
Affidavit of Workers Compensation Coverage (PDF) This affidavit must be completed and submitted prior to the construction of any building, highway, sewer, grading or any improvement or structure where the cost thereof is to be thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) or more. This affidavit is required by N.C.G.S. 87-14.
Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Disclosure (PDF) This disclosure form must be completed when developing property within the boundaries of the MCAS Zoned Area. For more information regarding disclosure please contact the Planning Department.
Appeal Application (PDF) This application is used to appeal a zoning decision from the Board of Adjustment.
Building Inspection (PDF) A permit shall be obtained prior to the beginning of construction, alteration, or repairs, other than ordinary repairs, using the appropriate application. Ordinary repairs are non-structural repairs and do not include addition to, alteration of, or replacement or relocation of water supply, sewer, drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping, electrical wiring, or mechanical or other work for which a permit is required

Furthermore, a permit must be issued if a building, structure, or service system is to be erected, constructed, enlarged, installed, altered, repaired, moved, removed, converted or demolished. Go to the NC Department of Insurance website to access the NC State Building Code.
Documentation to Authorize an Owner's Legal Representative (PDF) Documentation to Authorize an Owner's Legal Representative
Electrical (Stand-Alone) (PDF) Electrical Stand-Alone Permit Application
Existing System Approvals (PDF) Application for Existing System Approvals (Swimming pool, foundation addition, detached structure, reconnect to existing system, etc.)
Fire (Stand-Alone) (PDF) Fire Stand-Alone Permit Application
Gas Line (Stand-Alone) (PDF) Gas Line Stand-Alone Permit Application
General Information (PDF) This page must be submitted with all development permit applications.
Improvement Permit or Construction Authorization (PDF) Application for Improvement Permit or Construction Authorization Application (Repair included)
Manufactured Home Inspection (PDF) This application must be submitted any time a mobile home is being set up, relocated, etc. If you have specific questions regarding mobile homes, please call the Building Inspector.
Map Amendment Rezoning Application (PDF) Map Amendment Rezoning Application
Mechanical (Stand-Alone) (PDF) Mechanical Stand-Alone Permit Application
New Well Construction Permit Application (PDF) This application must be submitted if you plan to install a private drinking water well to provide water to one or more residences, businesses, or places of assembly.  The well must be proposed to have less than 15 service connections and serve less than 25 persons (more connections or people served would constitute a public water supply well, permitted through the Division of Water Quality).  The property owner should make the application.  A plat or site plan must be submitted with the application, showing the preferred location of the well and any structures, water lines, septic systems, wells, etc. within 100 feet of the property.
Plumbing (Stand-Alone) (PDF) Plumbing Stand-Alone Permit Application
Repair Questionnaire (PDF) This questionnaire must be filled out with the Repair of a Septic System form above.
Site Plan Worksheet (PDF) A site plan must be submitted when application is made for the following: a new septic system, a new well, repair or replacement of an existing well, a proposed flow increase to an existing septic system, a change in use of an existing septic system, or a foundation increase that may affect an existing septic system or well. This worksheet assists you in providing an accurate site plan. If you are not sure whether to complete the site plan worksheet please contact a permitting technician at 252-636-6618. If you have questions regarding the site plan worksheet itself, please contact the Environmental Health Department at 252-636-4936.
Special Use Permit (PDF) Special Use Zoning Permit
Swimming Pool
Swimming pool permit application.
Tall Structure Application (PDF) This application is used when applying for a Tall Structure (Cell tower, Wind Power Facility, Etc).
Temporary Conditional Power Application (PDF) Temporary Conditional Power Application
Well Abandonment Permit (PDF) This application should be submitted if you intend to permanently abandon a well. There is no fee for this application.
Well Repair Replacement Permit (PDF) This application should be submitted if you plan to repair, alter, or replace an existing drinking water well. You do not need to apply for a permit if you only intend to replace a well's pump or pressure/storage tank, which is considered maintenance. A local Environmental Health Specialist (EHS) will visit the site to ensure that the existing well meets proper setbacks from sources of contamination before work is attempted, and to note whether the well requires upgrading to meet modern standards. The EHS will not give suggestions on how to repair the well, but will inspect the well during the work and upon completion to ensure it meets modern well construction standards. Issuance of a well repair/replacement permit allows your registered certified well contractor to evaluate, alter, repair or, if necessary, replace the well. If the well is replaced, it must be installed in an area meeting required setbacks as shown on the permit sketch, and the existing well must be properly abandoned. A separate well abandonment permit is not required if the abandonment is performed under the conditions of a valid well repair/replacement permit. Please note that a repaired well must meet the same modern well construction standards as a new well, which may require upgrading the well by adding grout to 20-foot depth, extending the casing above the ground surface, etc.
Zoning Permit Application (PDF) Zoning Permit Application
Zoning Variance Application (PDF) Zoning Variance Application