Reasons for Involvement with CPS

o     Below is a non inclusive list of why Child Protective Services becomes involved with families:
Shaken Babies
Shaking a baby can cause permanent brain damage, blindness, even death. Remember, when your baby is crying take a break, don’t shake.

Improper Disciplining of Children.
Foreign objects can hurt your child and will most always leave a mark. You do not want to injure the child. Never discipline a child when you are angry. Instead, try time out or take away toys, TV, video games, or computer.

Children do need discipline and limits. Don’t be too wishy-washy, too strict, or too easy. Make sure that you are clear with your child about what you expect from them. Be consistent with your expectations.

Inadequate Supervision of Children
Many terrible things can happen in the space of a few minutes when there is no responsible adult around to respond to an emergency. If you do leave your children with a baby sitter make sure that person will keep them safe. Older children left in charge of younger children should know who to call in case of an emergency. If you must leave your child alone, know your child’s maturing level.

Not providing medical and dental care for your children.
If you have no money for medical or dental care, consult the Social Work Services or the Department of Health about possible sources of assistance. Follow the orders of the doctor or dentist and make sure to give any medicine that is prescribed.

The abuse of substances affecting one’s ability to parent
The abuse of substances often has a direct affect on one’s ability to parent their children.  

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence by caretakers in the presence of their children inflict serious emotional trauma and have the potential inflict physical trauma.

o     What Can I Do To Help The Process?
Allow the Social Worker to come to your home.
Keep all scheduled appointments.
Discuss any concerns you may have reasonably and calmly.
Work with the Social worker to develop the plan for your family.
Understand that the Social Worker will be working with you to preserve your family and strengthen it as a unit.