Initiatives Overview

This plan is a continuation of the 2013 economic development plan that was created through cooperation of many stakeholders, both public and private, Just as that plan required, this update requires buy in from strategic partners such as workforce and education provided, local businesses, financial institutions, community leaders, utility companies, Cherry Point advocates, regional marketing partners, and state officials, The goals tasks in this section have been created with the original plan viewed as a base for success ensuring that those partners’ voices continued to be heard. Also, these strategies will evolve and adapt with further input from our community investors.

Priority Action Steps

The implementation strategy organizes the action steps into five topic areas most relevant to Craven County’s current needs, opportunities and constraints. Those five topic areas are:

Property Development:

Objective:  Prepare all remaining development within Lot 19 at the Craven County Industrial Park.
Objective:  Joint Venture with Havelock Redevelopment Corporation on utilization of the Havelock Industrial Park.
Objective:  Joint Venture with Weyerhaeuser to begin feasibility of additional business parks in Craven County.

Workforce Development:

Objective:  Advocate for additional higher education investment into Craven County.
Objective:  Maximize Craven County Schools’ Business Advisory Council.
Objective:  Continue the operation of the Craven Works Job Fair.


Objective:  Market to DOD construction companies temporarily locating into Craven County.
Objective:  Prepare for F-35 related development.
Objective:  Utilize Health Care Value Proposition to market opportunity.
Objective:  Build and promote the agriculture value proposition.
Objective:  Build and promote the tourism value proposition.
Objective:  Build and promote the manufacturing value proposition.
Objective:  Develop criteria for investment.


Objective:  Work on outreach efforts  throughout the county to include all areas incorporated or unincorporated.

Existing Industry:

Objective:  Continue Existing Industry while creating new programs.