Economic Data

A diverse economy, strong talent pool and strategic location positions Craven County for growth.

Local Business (Craven County)
2017 Q3 Available Industrial Buildings6
2017 Q2 Establishments:  Total Private Industry2,227
2017 Q2 Establishments:  Manufacturing71
2017 Total Retail Sales (with food/drink) ($mil)$1,531
2017 total Retail Businesses (with foot/drink)767
2017 Avg Sales/Business Total (with Food/Drink)$1,996,576

Taxes (Craven County)
FY2017-18 Property Tax Rate per $100 Value$0.5394
FY2015-17 Annual Taxable Retail Sales ($mil)$1,051
2017 Tier Designation2

Population & Workforce Summary
2015 Est Population104,450
2015 Est Median Age36
2015 Est Education Attainment - At Least High School Graduate 58,647 (87.3%)
2015 Est Education Attainment - At Least Bachelor’s Degree14,965 (22.3%)
2015 Est Median Family Income$56,550
2015 Est Median Worker Earnings$26,371
2015 Est Total Pop w/ Income Below Poverty Level (last 12 months)15,664
2016 Annual Employment39,659
2016 Unemployment2,198 (5.3%)
2016 Average Weekly Wage (all industries)$791

Source: (LEAD)
Craven County Consumer Report:  Find-Properties-Consumer-Report.pdf
Craven County Industries Report:  Find-Properties-Industries-Report.pdf

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