Current Vacancies

Board Vacancies Position
Craven County Adult Care Home Advisory Committee 8 At-Large
Craven County Board of Equalization 1 Commissioner District 6
Craven County Community Child Protection Team 1 Law Enforcement
Craven Aging Planning Board 2 At-Large
Craven County Clean Sweep 3 At-Large
Craven County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council 1 Medical Society Member
Craven County Highway 70 Corridor Committee 2 At-Large
Craven County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council

3 Court Counselor; Attorney;  

Craven County Local Emergency Planning Committee 1 City of New Bern EM
Craven County Nursing Home Advisory Committee 11 At-Large
Craven County Regional Aging Board 3 At-Large
Craven County Senior Tarheel Legislative Committee 2 At-Large
Craven County/Vanceboro Library Board 1 Commissioner District 1

Craven County Voluntary Agriculture District Advisory Board 1 Commissioner District 6

Application Deadline: February 13, 2024

Appointments Scheduled: February 19, 2024