Marriage License Requirements / Online Application


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Marriage License Requirements

Until further notice, please call 252-636-6617 for marriage application
procedure or email

Online Marriage Application

The marriage license application can now be completed and submitted online using the link below. All above requirements apply. Once the application is completed, you must hit the submit button at the bottom of the application. At that point, the application will transfer to the Register of Deeds Office where both parties will come to complete the license process within 3 business days of submission. The application will be deleted after three days if the license has not been completed.

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Abbreviations in proper names are not accepted (please completely spell all names).
  • The mother’s information on the application must be the mother’s maiden name.
  • Any box with a drop down menu can only be answered with that menu.
  • The education section of the application is asking for the number of years completed at that level.
    • Example: If you have completed 4 years of high school, you would put a 4. If you have completed 2 years of college, you would put a 2.

Note:  You must call the office at 252-636-6617 prior to filling out and submitting a Marriage Application.

Fill out and submit a Marriage Application to the Register of Deeds office. (See above note).