WIC Health is an excellent resource for up to date information on any nutrition topic you would like to know more about. This site is customized to cater to only the WIC population, so you will find topics such as prenatal diet, tips for your picky eater, weaning off the bottle, introducing baby foods, healthy tips for eating out, tips for getting your child to be more active, etc.

It also has information on food borne illnesses such as E. coli. An added benefit is that these topics will have a certificate attached that will be sent directly to our email to show you completed it. Just like other sites, this one is always changing, so go back often to check for new information. This site is also published in Spanish.


Mini Lessons

At our offices, we also offer information on several different nutrition topics. These differ according to the age of your child. Our nutrition topics include outdoor play, vitamin D, increasing fiber, making smart drink choices, as well as many others. We have a full list of topics in the office, and you are welcome to inquire if you have a nutrition topic for which you would like to have further information. If it is not one of our lessons, we may be able to locate the information.

My Plate

My Plate has replaced the Food Guide Pyramid as the guide for healthy lifestyle habits. The My Plate guide is a great resource to track your daily activities, and what you eat through the day. It gives you sample menus and recipes to get you started, and gives you nutrition and exercise tips to keep you on your way to a healthier you. It can also be customized according to your age and status. There are My Plate guides for pregnant and breastfeeding women, toddlers, and young children.

Body Mass Index

Body mass index is the marker for whether or not you are at a healthy weight. Are you curious as to what your body mass index might be? Keep in mind that if you had a baby less than six months ago, you need to input your pre-pregnancy weight. Body mass index does not apply to children less than two years old.