Flood Insurance

It is likely that your homeowner's insurance policy does not cover losses due to flooding. If your home is not required to have a flood insurance policy, that does not mean that other structures (garage, outbuilding, etc.) on the same parcel of land are not subject to flooding. Craven County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Therefore, federal flood insurance is available to everyone in Craven County. Property owners currently qualify for a 10% reduction in flood insurance premiums because the county is a Class 8 in the Community Rating System Program. Call your insurance agent regarding these rates and other information specific to your policy. A detailed flood insurance study and Flood Insurance Rate Maps are available at the Planning Department for your review. Flood insurance may be purchased as follows:

Building Coverage

Type of Coverage AvailableAmount
Single-Family Dwelling$250,000
Other Residential$250,000
2 - 4 Family Dwelling$250,000

Contents Coverage

Type of Coverage AvailableAmount