Planning Fee Schedule

Subdivision & Mobile Home Parks**$100 for 5 lots, after 5 add $10 per lot
(Example: 6 Lot Subdivision Review Fee equals $110)
Exempt Subdivisions**$40
Original Surety Bond at Submittal$250
Surety Bond Renewal$100
Subdivision Ordinance$15
Mobile Home Park Ordinance$15
Airport Zoning Ordinance$15
Land Use Review$40
Land Use Review - Preliminary Subdivision1-25 lot: $40
26-50 lots: $80
51-75 lots: $120
76-100 lots: $160
101-125 lots: $200
126-150 lots: $240
($40 for every 25 lots)
Zoning Permit$25
Special Use Permit
$150 plus postage
Zoning Appeal$150 plus postage
Zoning Variance$150 plus postage
Zoning Text/Map Amendment$150 plus postage
Flood Development Permit$40
Written Flood Zone Determination$25
Tall Structures Zoning Permit (Residential)$300
Tall Structures Zoning Permit (Commercial)$1,000 for new and existing structures
Xerox Copies*8.5 by 11 inches: $0.10 per page
11 by 17 inches: $0.50 per page
Plotted Map: $3 each

* Note: Double sided copies is 2 pages.

** Note: Fees for subdivisions / mobile home parks will be due at submittal.