What do I do if I have a leak?

You can apply for an adjustment on your bill if you meet the following requirements:

1) Customer must make repairs within 48 hours after being notified by the Water Department personnel. This is either by being sent or left a high consumption notice or upon creation of the bill.

2) Customer must provide either a signed statement or copy of a bill that states the leak has been repaired by a N.C. Licensed Plumber or an itemized store receipt for the parts that were used for repair.

3) In order to qualify for an adjustment the billed consumption must be at least twice as much as the average monthly consumption comprised by the surrounding 12 months, unless 12 months data is not available.

4) Customer shall pay the 12 month water consumption average plus, one-half the amount over the 12 month average and Craven County Water will absorb the remainder.

5) Only one adjustment shall be allowed in a consecutive twelve month period.

6) Bill must be at least $50.00.                                

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