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Onboarding Month #1

  1. We want to know!
    This form is a way for Craven County Water's Management Team to check in and see how you are settling into your new role after a full month of working with us. We know that there is no way to learn everything! After 11+ years I learn something new every day! Please know that your team is here for you and we want to ensure that you are successful in your new job. Our employees are our greatest asset. Without you the entire department would have a harder time accomplishing our goals. After you submit this form, we will set up a time to discuss. Nothing terribly formal, so don't be nervous! Thanks for all you do! Crystal S. French
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  4. Who is your Direct Lead Person?*
  5. Who is your Direct Supervisor? (hint: you may have more than one!)*
  6. Whooooo! That was long!
    We want every employee to feel valued! If anything comes up that you have questions about, your lead would be the first stop, but please feel free to contact your Direct Supervisor if you are unsure of any directives. We aim to have open communication between every branch of our department. We will be contacting you to set up a time to discuss this form. We will also have you fill out another form at the 3 Month Marker... I know! Rest up for it! Thank-you for being a part of our team!
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