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310 Forsythe Lane

  1. Please be advised that your address has been in violation of N.C.G.S.14-151.1 and has denied us access to our meter in an effort to hide this violation. Most recently we have had to send a sheriff’s deputy to your address in order to have a vehicle moved from over the top of our meter. At that time it was discovered that the meter had indeed been unlocked without the necessary fees being paid and without our authorization. Please be advised, that should Craven County Water have go out to your residence again for unauthorized use; you, personally, and your address will be denied access to Craven County Water Service and we will seek legal counsel. Tampering with your meter is a Class I Misdemeanor and Craven County Water can no longer repeatedly waste time and resources. If you are denied water service with Craven County Water, you would then be required to find another source for drinking water. A copy of N.C.G.S.14-151.1 as well as the portion of Craven County Water’s Rules and Regulations that pertain to suspension and refusal of water service has been mailed to your address. By signing below you acknowledge the following: 1. That you are expected to pay your water bill on time or at least pay enough in order to keep from being disconnected. 2. Should you be disconnected for non-payment, you will be required to pay your bill in full and include a Reconnection Fee within ten (10) days. 3. Should you go past ten (10) days your service will be placed into a terminated status. 4. If your service is disconnected for any reason, you cannot illegally reconnect your services. 5. If Craven County Water discovers any alteration of, tampering with, bypassing of or unauthorized use of our meter or appurtenances; you will be denied service and face legal action. 6. You are the responsible party for water services at your address. If the service is tampered with you will be held liable. 7. You have received a copy of Craven County Water’s Rules and Regulations pertaining to Suspension of Service. 8. You must sign this document and show acceptable form of identification in order to have your services reconnected.
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