Mission & Vision


Our mission is simple: help businesses grow in Craven County. We operate as a gathering place for city, county, and private sector stakeholders to support the economic development of Craven County.

Partnering with leaders across the education, healthcare, production, aviation and service industries, we are focused on building a sustainable business environment that supports Craven County.


Our vision for Craven County is to be a thriving community with a diverse, robust economy that employs people from across Eastern North Carolina and attracts visitors from around the world.


The Craven 100 Alliance acts as a centralized point between the public and private sector for economic development activity in Craven County. With a decade worth of success under its belt, it is poised to push forward on pressing economic development opportunities for the County. Playing this important role, the C1A works on four major initiatives. They are:

1. Work closely with existing industry, education and state partners to provide workforce development solutions.

2. Assist in product development to include investing in infrastructure and attracting private investment for industrial buildings.

3. Providing investments to companies who are investing and growing in Craven County.

4. Work with our partners such as Coastal Carolina Regional Airport and the Craven County Tourism Development Authority who add value to our employers and attract investment themselves.