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1. Why do I have to report that my own dog or cat bit me?
2. Will I get my friends "in trouble" if I report that their pet bit or scratched me?
3. Why is my pet put under a "quarantine" even if it is currently vaccinated?
4. Why should significant scratches also be reported?
5. Are you going to take my dog or cat away from me?
6. If it was an "accident" why should I report it?
7. Why should my pet be vaccinated if it never goes out?
8. How can I know if my dog or cat may have rabies?
9. How much is a rabies vaccination and where can I get one for my pet?
10. If I do not get a rabies vaccination for my pet, what can happen?
11. What should I do if I am bitten or scratched and why?
12. What can I do about nuisance wildlife?
13. I live in the city limits of New Bern. Who do I call if I have a complaint?