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1. Is the ice in the ice machine safe?
2. Can I re-open my restaurant, once the hurricane is over?
3. How long is food safe in my refrigerator once power is lost?
4. I don't know how long the power was out, what should I do with the food in the refrigerator?
5. The power was only out for 1 hour and the temperature of the refrigerated food is 50 degrees Fahrenheit, what can I do?
6. What can I do to wash my hands if no hot water is available?
7. Are there any other precautions that I need to take before preparing food?
8. What if I use plastic gloves?
9. Can I use the water for preparing infant formula?
10. Is it safe for children to play in floodwaters?
11. Once the power returns, how soon can I restock by refrigerator?