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1. What are the normal hours of operation?
2. How do I apply for a septic tank permit?
3. What are the steps to opening a food service establishment?
4. How do I get a copy of an existing septic system permit?
5. How do I find my septic system permit on Craven County GIS system?
6. How do I apply for a septic tank permit?
7. What are the setbacks to my septic system?
8. How do I find a Septic Contractor or Septic Inspector?
9. How do I get a Food Vendor permit for a festival?
10. What do I need to start a catering business?
11. How do I register for ServSafe? What items do I need for the course?
12. How can I view Sanitation Inspection Reports for facilities inspected by Craven County Division of Environmental Health?